Hornby Flying Scotsman Train Set

Hornby Flying Scotsman Train Set

Flying Scotsman Train SetIt does not matter if you are buying for a child or hobbyist, You cannot go wrong with the choice of the Flying Scotsman Train Set. This train set takes you back to a time when the world moved to a slower pace. A time when the railroad was the best way to travel.

This set includes a locomotive steam engine and a tender, two coaches for passengers, and a brake coach. The inside is detailed to simulate a teak interior. It also comes with tracks that include two turns in a loop that measures 65” x 37” and a mat to provide landscaping images.

The hobbyist will have many hours of pleasure recreating the one of the world’s most famous steam engines “The Flying Scotsman”. The Flying Scotsman ran from London to Scotland. The Journey took 10 1/2 hours to complete,but that time was shortened to 8 1/2 hours due to competition which encouraged improvements. From the 1900’s the train got more and more modern, including dining cars which helped shorten the trip by cutting out the need to stop for lunch in York. Other such modernizations as passageways between the cars and heating were added, as well.

When giving a train as a gift for a child, you are giving them the gift of endless trips to that wonder place just beyond the horizon. A place they can arrive at, only with the help of train. A gift of magic far better than any magic carpet. There is that something about trains that just calls to some of the children. Hearing a train whistle can send a thrill of joy through a child. The idea of being able to control that much power can fascinate the youngest to oldest child. Be they 1 or 91 years young, it does not matter the Flying Scotsman train set will set free the imagination.

October 6, 2009
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