Girl Tech Password Journal

Girl Tech Password Journal

Girl Tech Password JournalGirl tech may just have solve the age old problem of the diary keeper. How do you keep people out of your journal? Snoops beware, this girl tech password journal will keep you thoughts private. The journal lock can only be open by the proper voice and password combination. Other voice commands that the journal recognizes include, Time Date and Light. This means your diary is for the first time, really secure.

How many times have you had to rescue your journal from the prying eyes of friends and family. Somehow, whenever anybody sees your diary, the first thing they do is start to read it. If you hide it, you are always worrying that someone will find it, and lets face it. Those locks on the diaries are easy to bust open. Not so with the girl tech journal. Not only is your journal protected with a password, but if someone does manage to get it open, it won’t do them any good. They will need to know your secret to be able to read it. The secret is in the special pen and the light.

The girl tech journal comes with a special pen and light. With this special pen you can write all your thoughts down and then by turning off the light hide them. The light and the pen work together to provide you with even greater security. Now you can write what you want without worrying. When you write with the special pen only the light can reveal what you have written. Turn off the light and to all appearances you have a blank page. This too, is voice activated.

This is not all. The journal also has an intruder alert. The journal will tell you if anyone has been trying to open your journal. All this should help the budding writer feel secure about their privacy. This is the perfect gift for a sensitive pre-teen or teen girl t ohelp the budding writer feel secure.

October 9, 2009
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