Giant Talking Peppa Pig

Giant Talking Peppa Pig

Giant Talking Peppa PigThe Giant Peppa the Talking Pig is sure to be a hit for child. The rotund 18 inch tall character sports a trademark red dress with black shoes. The loveable quality of this toy is further emphasized by the adorable facial expressions.

Pressing Peppa’s tummy produces several phrases such as “My name is Peppa Pig” and “I love jumping in muddy puddles” among other endearing statements. Some of the phrases are interactive as well. For instance, a favorite among many children is when Peppa counts to ten and shouts “Ready or not, here I come!” These disguises learning behind a beloved game of hide and seek.

Despite the size of the pig, it is surprisingly easy to press Peppa’s tummy to prompt the fun. Even chubby toddler hands can grasp the toy and enjoy it for all it’s worth. By the same token, it is not irritatingly easy to activate. It takes more than a breath to press it, but far less than a struggle.

Many children’s toys tend to lose the object of entertainment when trying to make it educational. Even though Peppa the Pig promotes interaction, it also becomes a loveable playmate for the child. Its large size turns into a friend to lug around with and incorporate into other activities. Pushing it on a swing or buckling it up in the car next to your child encourages creativity that no technology can encourage.

The recommended age for Peppa is 18 months because the size of the toy makes it possible for suffocation if left in a crib with a younger child. However, under adult supervision, Peppa is suitable for children of all ages. Just make sure to keep Peppa away from messy situations. Because of the internal mechanism that allows it to talk, Peppa is only surface washable.

October 16, 2009
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