Fluffy Go Walkies

Fluffy Go Walkies

Fluffy Go WalkiesFluffy Go Walkies are the real puppy alternative. These puppies are as adorable as they come. They are just as their name describes them, Fluffy. Their precious, innocent look makes it easy to fall in love with them. The bow on the top of their little heads, their cute button noses and eyes only adds to the adorableness of these little puppies.

Fluffy Go Walkies are able to mimic some of the functions of a real puppy dog. They are able to be walked, bark and move their heads. Their enthusiastic barking, which is controlled by pressing their handle, shows off their lovable personality. Their leads that connect to their handle light up with beautiful florescent lights, which adds to the enjoyment of walking Fluffy Go Walkies.

Their are three Fluffy Go Walkies to choose from. If one can’t choose one take all three. One handle is able to accommodate up to three leads, which means three times more Fluffy Go Walkies fun!

Fluffy Go Walkies are a necessity for parents who are looking to give their child a pet but not yet ready for the responsibilities that come with having a dog. These puppies are designed for anyone over the age of four years old. With Fluffy Go Walkies everything is included except 3 AAA batteries to get her going. Once the batteries are in place all that it needed is love from the owner.

Your child’s eyes are guaranteed to light up with excitement when the delivery of their new pet puppy arrives.

October 11, 2009
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