Cicciobello Love ‘N’ Care Baby

Cicciobello Love ‘N’ Care Baby

Cicciobello Love N Care BabyCicciobello Love ‘N’ Care baby by Flair is sure to bring you child many hours of fun. His blonde hair and soft body are guaranteed to draw many oohs and aahs. Your child will be delighted to mimic mommy taking her baby’s temperature with the included ear thermometer. Love ‘N’ Care baby’s cheeks turn red when he cries. Watch your child try to comfort their “baby” by offering some juice in a bottle. If that doesn’t work Love ‘N’ Care baby also comes with a milk bottle. Maybe “doctor mommy” will pull out her stethoscope and listen to her baby’s heart like your child’s doctor does to him/her. After your child makes sure everything sounds good in their baby’s chest your child can provide medication for the baby. Love ‘N’ Care baby also comes with a dummy, which every child knows is sure to soothe. When Love ‘N’ Care baby feels better, he stops crying. Children love the feeling they get from being able to comfort their “baby”. This baby is very huggable, unlike many hard bodied babies that are currently on the market. Your child can easily carry their baby in their arms, or place their baby into an accessory carrier (not included). The soft body means less weight for your child to have to carry around, making this baby a top choice at playtime.

Flair Cicciobello Love ‘N’ Care baby comes with:
• ear thermometer
• milk bottle
• 2 juice bottles
• dummy
• injection
• stethoscope
For ages 3+

October 31, 2009
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