Batman Dark Knight Stealth Batmobile

Batman Dark Knight Stealth Batmobile

Stealth BatmobileThe Dark Knight Stealth Batmobile is a wonderful adventure toy for young people ages 5 and up. It is inspired by the Batman movie, “The Dark Knight.” In the movie, Batman uses super cool vehicles and advanced technological devices to destroy Gotham city’s ever-renewable resource of criminal menaces. The Dark Knight Stealth Batmobile allows your child to experience some of the excitement and some of the stealth that Batman does when employing these devices. With the touch of a button, two projectile torpedoes are exposed. They then become battle launchers and can be reloaded multiple times for hours of battle time and super hero play. The toy package comes with two vehicles and one Batman figure that is scaled down to the appropriate size to fit the vehicle.

Children under 5 years old tend to struggle with this toy due to the fact that they have poorer hand eye coordination. There are multiple things that your child has to accomplish in order to play with the toy. These activities can be fun and stimulating for an older child over 5 but can be very frustrating for younger ones.

With the Batman Dark Knight Stealth Batmobile, children can enjoy loading the Batcycle into the vehicle. It can take a few attempts before you hear the click and feel the spring resistance alerting you that the bike is loaded securely. Then both sides must be aligned with rocket launchers making Batman ready for anything that comes his way. To attach the rocket launchers, you press them underneath the vehicle and latch them by pressing the top down.

There is no end to the realistic play and fun your little one will have with the Dark Knight Stealth Batmobile. He will feel like he’s really living like the Dark Knight himself. What could be more fun?

October 6, 2009
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