Air Hogs Mini Zero Gravity

Air Hogs Mini Zero Gravity

Air Hogs Zero GravityThis little toy car does not actually defy gravity. However, it will surprise you by literally driving up the wall or across a ceiling. If the kids keep asking for a race track set and you do not have room for one. Think about getting a couple of Air Hogs Zero Gravity Cars and let the walls be the race track. This is the perfect toy for places with limited floor space. This opens up the possibilities of playing on the walls and ceiling. Yes, it also can drive across the ceiling and it will keep the parents happy because it leaves no marks behind.

Of, course we all know that there is no such thing as an anti gravity machine. Instead, what this car uses is a fan that creates a suction when the switch is on. The on/off switch has three settings. Off; on, for normal driving; and the third setting which turns on the fan. The Fan That creates the suction allowing this car to climb the wall. It has a good set of lights and runs well on hard floors, as well. Because of the way the car needs to hug the walls and its little tires, it does not drive on carpet well.

This car moves along at a good speed in normal gear but uses more battery power when you engage the anti-gravity function of the car, it also runs at a slower speed when the anti-gravity fan is engaged. It can also be a little bit loud when the fan is engaged. This makes it wise to make sure no one is sleeping on the other side of the wall you that you are using for a race track.

The Air Hogs Mini Zero Gravity is a wonderful gift for any occasion, it is not the usual toy and will provide hours of fun for the children.

October 5, 2009
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