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Waybuloo Toys

Waybuloo ToysWaybuloo is the newest hit show from cbeebies for pre-school aged children and has been called the new Teletubbies. The show stars four computer animated characters, the Piplings. They are named Yojojo, Nok Tok, Lau Lau and De Li. They all live together in a Japanese style garden, which is in the magical world called Nara, which is a land full of laughter and companionship. A variety of toys has become available for your toddler featuring these characters.

There are two jigsaw puzzles one with 15 pieces and one with 24 pieces. The 24 piece features a picture of all of the Piplings while the 15 piece features Di Li alone. There are two play sets available one featuring Lau Lau and one featuring Yojojo. The Lau Lau set features her and her artist’s studio. It includes four play pieces and a lifting feature in the tree so that Lau Lau can float off the ground. The Yojojo one features him and his music studio with four play pieces and the same feature as Lau Lau’s that allow him to float off the ground.

Also available is the Waybuloo Lau Lau Figure Set. It includes a figure of Lau Lau herself along with her art easel and basket of tools so she can make gifts for her friends in Nara.

For all the doll lovers there is a Peek and Wiggle Yojojo. He is a large plush toy that talks. When kids squeeze his tummy, they hear phrases from the show and his ears even wiggle. The Waybuloo Peek and Pull Lau Lau covers her ears and eyes for playing peek-a-boo.

There is also a large assortment of DVD’s of the hit TV show available along with coloring books and regular books featuring the characters.

All of these Waybuloo toys are great for the youngest of children from as early as 12 months.

September 30, 2009
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